How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

During our Coast 2 Coast Marketing recruitment process, we seek candidates that embody key traits that can suggest they will succeed in our culture. When we review resumes, we can see certain indicators that a person might have the right skills and attitude. Here are some key suggestions anyone can use to write resumes that stand out from the rest in a crowded job market: 

  • Link Skills to Results: Many CVs only list the skills the candidate possesses. However, hiring managers want to know that we can achieve results. Therefore, an impressive resume would be one in which the skills are directly connected to a specific career achievement or success.
  • Share Captivating Story: Our Coast 2 Coast Marketing results are richer because we add in compelling stories that engage the public. We seek to generate interest in the mission-driven causes we promote. An engaging resume and cover letter can do the same thing. A person who shares a story about his or her success, passion, or reason why he or she is interested in the job is more likely to attract the attention of a hiring manager and land an interview.
  • Show Continual Learning: Ongoing professional development is central to our Coast 2 Coast Marketing culture. Therefore, candidates whose CVs show a continued pattern of learning and growth are likely to be contacted for an interview.

The key to launching a satisfying career starts with a strong resume. Follow us on Twitter for more interview tips.

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