Make a Memorable Impression When Networking

With networking being a high priority for Coast 2 Coast Marketing, we spend a lot of time honing our abilities to make great first impressions. We’ve learned that the first few moments of meeting someone sets the pace for the future of the relationship, so making the most of this time is well worth the effort.

We rely on a few core strategies for getting off on the right foot. One of these techniques centers on the elevator pitch. This is a spiel that describes what we do and the difference we make – all within approximately 30 seconds (the average elevator wait time). We’re always ready to share the most exciting details about the Coast 2 Coast Marketing mission.

Sometimes our meetings come with the help of introductions. It seems most polite to allow the individuals making the introductions to do most of the talking. Although we grant all the connectors the courtesy of guiding the discussions, we always speak in turn. We often chime in to ask questions that show how interested we are in getting to know others. Doing so helps our new contacts remember us far more than they would if we stayed silent.

We never underestimate the value of a great first impression, and these strategies consistently help us create positive impact. For more on our approach to networking, like Coast 2 Coast Marketing on Facebook.

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